I graduated from college with a degree in cytology and worked in a laboratory for 14 years. With the use of a microscope, I analyzed and diagnosed specimens for diseases. I left the cytology field in 2013 and focused on my passion for art.
My abstract photographs are expressed with a narrative element relatable to the cytology field. I don't see things for what they are, more for what they could be. 
In 2018, I was diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer (DCIS). I spent the last two years healing from the physical and emotional strains of a double mastectomy.
I have my creative self back. I'm finding color and resilience.
  My photographs and select paintings can be purchased online and art galleries in St. Louis and St. Charles.


photo credit: Ann Widner

don't give up on yourself

don't give up on your creativity

be resilient

my heart is pumping - love, joy, and sorrow

"Resilience" - NFS