photo credit: Ann Widner

Observing the details. 

I'm influenced by street, minimal, and abstract photography. Inspired by photographers Stephen Shore and Vivian Maier, I find beauty in simplicity.   

I graduated from college with a degree in cytology and worked in a laboratory for 14 years. With the use of a microscope, I analyzed and diagnosed specimens for diseases. I left the cytology field in 2013 and focused on my passion for art.

My abstract paintings are created from select photographs or expressed with a narrative element. Many paintings have cellular characteristics that are relatable to the cytology field. 

In the midst of selling my work in 2018, I was diagnosed with high-grade DCIS - ductal carcinoma in situ (non-invasive breast cancer).  I spent the year 2019 to fully recover from a bilateral mastectomy, however, I received a new diagnosis of fibromyalgia which limited my strength and mobility.

You can overcome anything if you have a strong mind.  I closed all of my social media accounts and focused my energy on healing and family.  I live in St. Louis with my husband, two sons, dog, and my bearded dragon.

My photographs and paintings can be purchased online and art galleries in St. Louis and St. Charles.


Press / CV
  • Framations. "Beyond the Lens XII"  St. Charles, MO  January 2018
  • Women in Focus.  "Social Justice"   Webster Groves Christian Church  March 2018
  • Framations.  "Brilliant Color"  March 2018
  • Webster Groves Library.  Solo Exhibition "#thisaintartschool"  May 2018
  • "Midwest Salute to the Arts"  Fairview Heights, Illinois. August 2018
  • "Joplin Arts Festival"  Joplin, MO September 2018
  • Manchester Arts. "ArtsFest" Manchester, MO  September 2018 
  • "Old Webster Art Walk" Webster Groves, MO October 2018
  • Mad Art Gallery "Framed" Silent Auction - Home Sweet Home.  St. Louis, MO October 2018
  • St. Louis Artists' Guild, "Collectors Choice XVIII" November 2018
  • Art Saint Louis. "Art Saint Louis Exhibition XXXIV" St. Louis, MO November 2018
  • Linus Galleries.  "Play"   Pasadena, CA  January 2017
  • Women in Focus.  "Passion"  Third Degree Glass Factory  St. Louis, MO  February 2017
  • MySLART.  "April 33"  Old Orchard Gallery  Webster Groves, MO  April 2017
  • Women in Focus.  "Golden"   Webster Groves, MO   May 2017
  • Webster Arts.  "Small Works"   Webster Groves, MO  September 2017
  • Manchester Arts.  "ArtsFest"  Manchester, MO  September 2017
  • Divinemoira Studio.  "Art for the Angels"  Silent Auction  St. Louis, MO  October 2017
  • Women in Focus.  "Autumn Art Show"  Gretchen Brigham Gallery  St. Louis, MO November 2017
  • Women in Focus-Atlanta.  "International Women's Month"  Atlanta, GA  February 2016
  • Webster Arts. "Small Works"   Webster Groves, MO   March 2016
  • Women in Focus.  "New Beginnings"  Webster Groves, MO   May 2016
  • Framations. "Altered" - "First Place and Honorable Mention" St. Charles, MO   May 2016   
  • Divinemoira Studio.  "Turbulence Behind Tranquility"  St. Louis, MO  July 2016
  • Manchester Arts.  "Inside/Outside"  Manchester, MO  July 2016
  • Women in Focus.  "Perspective"   Kirkwood, MO  September 2016
  • Divinemoira Studio.  "Turbulence Behind Tranquility, part 2"  St. Louis, MO  September 2016
  • Art Saint Louis. "Mix Tape"  St. Louis, MO  October 2016
  • Women in Focus.  "Inspiration"   St. Louis, MO  November 2016
  • Third Degree Glass Factory.  Solo Exhibition "Architectural Abstracts"  St. Louis, MO   January 2015 
  • St. Louis Artists' Guild.  "Move!"   St. Louis, MO  June 2015
  • Women in Focus.   "A Clear View"   Tavern of Fine Arts  St. Louis, MO  September 2015
  • Contemporary Art Museum - Open Studios. Webster Art & Picture Framing  Webster Groves, MO  October 2015
  • Art Saint Louis. "Art Saint Louis XXXI, The Exhibition"  Two digital art pieces - "Honorable Mention"  St. Louis, MO  November 2015
  • MySLART.  "May 33"  Old Orchard Gallery  "Best in Show" Webster Groves, MO  May 2014  
  • MySLART.  "June 33"  Old Orchard Gallery   Webster Groves, MO  June 2014
  • Contemporary Art Museum-Open Studios.  Webster Art & Picture Framing  Webster Groves, MO  June 2014
  • Soulard Art Market. "Somewhere over the Rainbow"  St. Louis, MO  June 2014
  • Art Saint Louis.   "Art Saint Louis XXX, The Exhibition"  St. Louis, MO.  November 2014​​