Observing the details. 

I'm influenced by street, minimal, and abstract photography. Inspired by photographers Stephen Shore and Vivian Maier, I find beauty in simplicity.   

I graduated from college with a degree in cytology and worked in a laboratory for 14 years. With the use of a microscope, I analyzed and diagnosed specimens for diseases. I left the cytology field in 2013 and focused on my passion for art.

My abstract paintings are created from select photographs or expressed with a narrative element. Many paintings have cellular characteristics that are relatable to the cytology field. 

In the midst of selling my work in 2018, I was diagnosed with high-grade DCIS - ductal carcinoma in situ (non-invasive breast cancer).  I spent the year 2019 to recover from a bilateral mastectomy.  I live in St. Louis with my husband and two sons.

  My photographs and select paintings can be purchased online and art galleries in St. Louis and St. Charles.

Press / CV
  • Framations. "Beyond the Lens XII"  St. Charles, MO  January 2018
  • Women in Focus.  "Social Justice"   Webster Groves Christian Church  March 2018
  • Framations.  "Brilliant Color"  March 2018
  • Webster Groves Library.  Solo Exhibition "#thisaintartschool"  May 2018
  • "Midwest Salute to the Arts"  Fairview Heights, Illinois. August 2018
  • "Joplin Arts Festival"  Joplin, MO September 2018
  • Manchester Arts. "ArtsFest" Manchester, MO  September 2018 
  • "Old Webster Art Walk" Webster Groves, MO October 2018
  • Mad Art Gallery "Framed" Silent Auction - Home Sweet Home.  St. Louis, MO October 2018
  • St. Louis Artists' Guild, "Collectors Choice XVIII" November 2018
  • Art Saint Louis. "Art Saint Louis Exhibition XXXIV" St. Louis, MO November 2018
  • Linus Galleries.  "Play"   Pasadena, CA  January 2017
  • Women in Focus.  "Passion"  Third Degree Glass Factory  St. Louis, MO  February 2017
  • MySLART.  "April 33"  Old Orchard Gallery  Webster Groves, MO  April 2017
  • Women in Focus.  "Golden"   Webster Groves, MO   May 2017
  • Webster Arts.  "Small Works"   Webster Groves, MO  September 2017
  • Manchester Arts.  "ArtsFest"  Manchester, MO  September 2017
  • Divinemoira Studio.  "Art for the Angels"  Silent Auction  St. Louis, MO  October 2017
  • Women in Focus.  "Autumn Art Show"  Gretchen Brigham Gallery  St. Louis, MO November 2017
  • Women in Focus-Atlanta.  "International Women's Month"  Atlanta, GA  February 2016
  • Webster Arts. "Small Works"   Webster Groves, MO   March 2016
  • Women in Focus.  "New Beginnings"  Webster Groves, MO   May 2016
  • Framations. "Altered" - "First Place and Honorable Mention" St. Charles, MO   May 2016   
  • Divinemoira Studio.  "Turbulence Behind Tranquility"  St. Louis, MO  July 2016
  • Manchester Arts.  "Inside/Outside"  Manchester, MO  July 2016
  • Women in Focus.  "Perspective"   Kirkwood, MO  September 2016
  • Divinemoira Studio.  "Turbulence Behind Tranquility, part 2"  St. Louis, MO  September 2016
  • Art Saint Louis. "Mix Tape"  St. Louis, MO  October 2016
  • Women in Focus.  "Inspiration"   St. Louis, MO  November 2016
  • Third Degree Glass Factory.  Solo Exhibition "Architectural Abstracts"  St. Louis, MO   January 2015 
  • St. Louis Artists' Guild.  "Move!"   St. Louis, MO  June 2015
  • Women in Focus.   "A Clear View"   Tavern of Fine Arts  St. Louis, MO  September 2015
  • Contemporary Art Museum - Open Studios. Webster Art & Picture Framing  Webster Groves, MO  October 2015
  • Art Saint Louis. "Art Saint Louis XXXI, The Exhibition"  Two digital art pieces - "Honorable Mention"  St. Louis, MO  November 2015
  • MySLART.  "May 33"  Old Orchard Gallery  "Best in Show" Webster Groves, MO  May 2014  
  • MySLART.  "June 33"  Old Orchard Gallery   Webster Groves, MO  June 2014
  • Contemporary Art Museum-Open Studios.  Webster Art & Picture Framing  Webster Groves, MO  June 2014
  • Soulard Art Market. "Somewhere over the Rainbow"  St. Louis, MO  June 2014
  • Art Saint Louis.   "Art Saint Louis XXX, The Exhibition"  St. Louis, MO.  November 2014​​